Ashley Pulli


Ashley is a top-notch interaction designer that also has a love affair with print.

IC is lucky enough to be the chosen home of Ashley after her successful completion of Tyler School of Art at Temple University. While there, she earned a BFA in Graphic Design & Interactive Design. Not to rub those credentials in or anything, but it should be mentioned that she was on the Dean’s List and graduated with a Top 7 portfolio. As in love with the interactive field as she is, it should be noted that Ashley is determined not to let print die. She spent much of her time at a letterpress studio in Wayne where she created Philadelphia-themed prints and designed letterpress invitations to fit any ridiculous wedding theme. It’s fair to say that her design chops are not relegated to the digital world, exploring the use of typography in both physical and interactive media. Prior to her ongoing Philly adventures, Ashley held down Chocolate World in her hometown of Hershey, PA. Growing up she would listen to the tourists screaming on the roller coasters at Hershey Park and enjoy the smell of chocolate in the air during the warmer months. Maybe that’s why she’s an amazing baker now, being inundated with fresh, sweet smells her entire youth. Whatever the reason for her kitchen adventures, she needs to stop bringing her delicious experiments into the office. Will power is nonexistent when it comes to her iced lemon cake. It is made with real lemons, people! Real. Lemons.