Ashton shimmies into Intuitive Company as a welcome addition to our development team. He’s a Front-End Developer with a background in digital art and multimedia design, effectively having mastery of both sides of his brain. This alone makes him an invaluable asset for us. Ever since graduating from La Salle University, he’s been designing and developing mobile and responsive websites for establishments such as Empathy Lab and Movitas, not to mention merging his passions for design and skateboarding at Nocturnal Skate Shop. Ashton is constantly learning and striving to stay on top of new technologies and design trends in order to deliver the cleanest, most elegant, and most functional experiences possible. When he’s not nailing those goals in the office, he’s living in Philly, skateboarding, enjoying a good IPA, or playing Madden with his loyal bluenose pitbull Jayda nearby. It’s not a bad life and we’re just lucky he spends a chunk of it working with us.