Ben Lee

Senior Designer

Ben is a master of digital design and French literature. C'est génial!

Ben has been in this UX Design game for a while now. He’s clocked time as a Web Coordinator for healthcare, and has also worked in design and development for firms from New York to Philadelphia. During his career, he has participated in interactive projects utilizing cross-disciplinary skills, which have allowed him the opportunity to partake in research, layout, design, and development. These experiences have made him the kind of well-rounded team player we look for in our design team. Mr. Lee possesses an MS in Digital Design from Philadelphia University, as well as a MA in French Literature (which he earned from NYU in France, the fancy-pants Francophile that he is). Not impressed yet? Well, what if we told you that he’s an accomplished guitarist, sound designer, and spent a year in France teaching English? He’s been a digital enthusiast since childhood, kicking it all off with an Atari and never looking back. Despite starting his college career in pre-med, the siren song of digital experiences kept drawing him in. When he’s not busy doing his part in the ongoing war for a better user experience, you’ll probably find Ben playing his guitar in between binge-watching seasons of television in digestible chunks.