Brandon Sax


Voted most sarcastic by his graduating class, Brandon is typically in a better mood for jokes when the Sixers are winning (which is never).

Prior to joining us, Brandon honed his chops freelancing for establishments such as 2one5 and LevLane after graduating from the University of the Arts. Brandon’s passion for good design always extended to information design, UX design, and branding (all with liberal use of color), which eventually brought him to our door. Brandon’s career really started in school, where he won the Elmer O. Aaron Award for graphic design, founded Students of Creative Action to advocate for student needs, and interned at Ideas on Purpose in New York. To top it off, his graduating class voted him most sarcastic. We’re still trying to figure out if that’s a good thing, but it’s a fun fact nonetheless. Mr. Sax spends his free time playing card games (actual and digital), listening to NPR, cooking pescetarian (fake vegetarian, as he puts it) meals with his girlfriend, traversing the vast landscape of Reddit, or trying to get us all to be as passionate about the NBA as he is (which is proving to be an uphill battle). He’s always on the lookout for a great new restaurant or bar, and is generally in a better mood when the Eagles are winning.