Brianna Casuccio


Skill set, check. Attitude, check. Brianna is ready to take our team to the next level with her interactive design skills.

Brianna begins what’s likely to be a very accomplished career with Intuitive Company. Upon earning her BA in Interactive Design and Media at Philadelphia University, she blipped on our radar and we couldn’t wait to bring her level of talent to our team. Possessing proficiency in a number of design tools and having successfully completed internships at places such as 215 Marketing and Push10 Design Studios, Brianna has the right skill set and attitude to take our team to the next level. She’s also successfully dabbled in web development, in turn broadening her offering to and understanding of our process. That’s just a win/win situation. Since this is a bio that focuses on achievements and qualifications, we’ll refrain from mentioning the amount of fender benders she’s had over the last five years (no fault, her car is a magnet for mild destruction), and pay more attention to the fact that she has given a puppy as a gift more than once. Brianna is a welcome addition to our growth and like every member of this team, ups our value add just a little more.