Craig Willard

Senior UX Developer

Craig knows how to develop as a team—and that it's a hoagie, not a sub.

In 1996, Craig started a website on Geocities, mainly because his friend did and it was cool. This amazing site prominently featured blinking text, a scrolling marquee, and a guestbook with an animated mailbox graphic. Essentially, it was a usability nightmare. However, this was the start of something bigger. Upon earning a BS in Computer Science at Rutgers University, Craig immediately began his career as a Web Developer for a small design shop. During his time there he worked with HTML/CMS/JS plus PHP, ASP, and eventually ASP.NET. He learned about accessibility and web standards, and even got a lot of client facetime when handing off projects. Craig wasn’t just a code jockey, and therefore became a part of the entire process that is building web experiences. Over the years he continued honing his skills as well as developing new chops in cross-disciplinary teams. Craig learned that no developer is an island, which makes him uniquely qualified for our sensibilities. Even though he has pretty evenly split his residence between Philly and Jersey for the majority of his life, his focus remains on Philly teams. He may lose a Jimmies vs. Sprinkles or hoagie vs. sub argument with his wife (who hails from North Jersey) on occasion, but he’s Phillies all the way. His competitive passion extends to the fantasy sports leagues he participates in, for better or worse. Like many IC staffers, Craig’s a craft beer lover. You had us at “hello,” Craig. You had us at “hello.”