Dan Speca

Design Director

Dan's vast knowledge in interactive design might be greater than his entire record collection, but that's hard to beat.

What can we say about Dan that would fully articulate the amount of experience and know-how he’s collected over the years? Experience that ranges from designing photographic installations and large-scale wall treatments for NFL and MLB teams, to set-dressing scenes for the first season of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (when you see a cool wall clock in the background and think, “What a well-placed timepiece,” just know that Dan put it there). It would behoove us to discuss Mr. Speca’s contributions in the field of eCommerce, having major part in designing the in-store ordering application for iPad kiosks at Panera Breads across the country that can replicate orders or establish favorites for returning customers. Or his experience creating digital experiences for health, having worked on projects ranging from a virtual pill box for CVS’s flagship app to working with Otsuka, designing a suite of apps that help a patient stay adherent to theirs meds (a workflow that would involve the user ingesting a sand-sized microchip). Impressed yet? I guess we can just skip to his most recent experience with Mobiquity, where he focused on getting mobile right and lived in Amsterdam to help grow their European practice. Pretty cool, right? How about education information, like the fact that he earned a BA in Visual Art from UC San Diego as well as an MS Human Factors in Information Design from Bently University? That information combined with the more eclectic personal tidbits about him, such as digging through crates at flea markets, garage sales, thrift stores, and other smelly locations to add pieces to his record collection should help paint a picture of Dan. We’re proud to have him on our team and will only benefit from his breadth of expertise. From Power Rangers to Panera Bread, Dan is qualified to tackle what we throw at him.