Elise Whitaker

Engagement Lead

When Elise is not taking on client relationship management, she is looking for an excuse to dance.

Elise joined Intuitive Company as a double threat: her background in both creative and client relationship management—in both consumer and business-to-business relationships—makes her uniquely equipped for the challenges that face our engagement team on a daily basis. She held positions at Cramer-Krasselt Chicago and Rhea & Kaiser Advertising, and consulted at Leapfrog Interactive before starting her own business. She managed digital and online marketing initiatives for clients such as Hyatt Hotels & Resorts, BirdsEye Frozen Foods, and Allen-Edmond Shoes, just to name a few. She has also worked within project management teams for various brands from University of Pennsylvania to Sanofi. When she’s not wowing project teams with her business acumen, she’s looking for any excuse to dance (much to the chagrin of her children) and remains one of the few people who find orange circus peanuts delicious. If you want to hear a fun story, ask her about how she ended up seeing Bruce Springsteen in Florence, Italy, on a whim. Elise acts as a Family Partner within the Family Centered Care Program at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. She is also an ambassador for Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation. Elise’s engagement and project management philosophy is firmly planted in collaboration with the client and her team as well as how best to meet the needs of all parties. She exhibits the kind of thinking, expertise, and passion that we can get behind here at IC—which makes her a welcome addition to the team.