Emily came to Intuitive Company after years as a strategy consultant. She is a master of a lost art called “common-sense consulting,” which helps companies advance their missions, achieve business and revenue goals, and improve products, communications and systems. How? By identifying, simplifying, prioritizing, delivering and refining solutions. Sporting a BA from Franklin & Marshall College and an MA from Brown University, Emily has cultivated a career that focuses her talents of strategy, creativity, and leadership in such industries as financial services, health, pharmaceutical, and travel and leisure, just to name a few. With over a decade of experience, she’s led a sizable portfolio of organizations through research and strategic planning, design and development, resource development, and communications projects. In a nutshell, she knows what makes organizations tick and how to help them achieve their goals. Not too shabby. If that wasn't enough, she loves to travel (she once witnessed the Great Migration in the Serengeti), likes to get out to the woods a lot, and has two yellow labs that own her.