Erin Eaby

Office Administrator

Erin can organize almost anything, and actually enjoys doing it.

As a vital member of Intuitive Company, Erin organizes and coordinates almost every going on that happens between our two offices, large and little in scale. It’s no small feat to keep us collectively operating as a fine tuned machine, but she manages to be masterful with the details. She came to us with over six years of Executive Administration experience where she wore many hats and managed many projects. Her strength lies in the fact that she can organize almost anything, and actually enjoys doing it. Erin grew up in a small town in Lancaster County, eventually earning a BS in Business Administration from Lebanon Valley College. She yearned for a larger city to conquer (and organize) after college and fell in love with Philadelphia. When she isn’t ensuring that we function as efficiently as possible, she can be found being overly competitive in a team sport, gym-ing it, or playing the violin for a crowd (after a heavy amount of coercion). Erin is an integral piece of the puzzle that enhances our productivity on a daily basis, adding value to the time we spend in these offices. We all benefit from her particular set of skills and because of her, we can re-apply that value to the work we deliver our partners.