Evan Wendel

Senior Designer

In the middle of the venn diagram representing physics and design is Evan.

Evan grew up in a town without a traffic light, where the mere mention of the word “design” would likely have you labeled a radical and banished from the community. He carried forth, social conformity be darned, and acquired a BS in Physics (nerd) from Hobart and William Smith Colleges, as well as a Master's in Comparative Media Studies from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (double nerd). Evan has nearly a decade of experience designing digital experiences and games. Prior to IC, he worked at a design and technology firm in the City of Champions, creating applications across a wide range of complex domains — supply-chain optimization, language learning, media sales, telemedicine, and parking reservations. He’s worked on engaging mobile and browser games for Electronic Arts, Disney, and Maxis Studios. He’s even worked at The Education Arcade at MIT, designing games focused on science, mathematics, data, and literacy education among elementary and middle school students. What have you done lately? In real life, Evan is a hardcore urban cyclist, expert snowboarder, and once-talented golfer. He enjoys spending time with his wife and cats, trying new craft beers, and watching lots o’ films. At night, Evan dreams of herding cats high atop a Penny-farthing while sipping a delicious oatmeal stout…all in a world without interfaces.