Georgia Spangenberg

Senior Researcher

Georgia is a force to be reckoned with— she's analytical, empathetic, and design-focused all at the same time.

Georgia has spent the past eight years learning about users and designing interactive experience for them. She graduated from Temple University with a degree in Psychology, specializing Human Factors. From there she found the perfect job that enabled her to use her analytical skills, empathy, and design together. Her favorite quote (from Ricky Williams) best articulates her perspective on design and technology: “My concept of the truth expands on a daily basis. My loyalty is to the truth and not to consistency.” Georgia's work has ranged from brand-campaign digital experiences, to new product launch strategies, to designing large-scale web platforms. She’s also presented at UPA, participated in designing a dashboard for the United Nations, and co-authored an encyclopedia article. Besides that, she enjoys listening to people's stories, her pets, dessert, nature, polaroid cameras, driftwood, and architecture.