Greg Picarelli

Principal, Technology

Greg, one of the founders of IC, has over two decades of experience building and improving systems and processes. And his pilot's license.

Between graduating from Purdue University with a Master of Science in Management and Georgia Tech with a Bachelor in Industrial Engineering and being the initial party in establishing Intuitive Company, Greg has nearly two decades of experience building and improving systems and processes through multiple successful projects. Most notably, he spent 4+ years as the founder of pic IT solutions doing program and project management for large IT projects. For five years prior to that, he directed another user experience design firm’s technology and project management practices in Philadelphia, PA. He also worked for AT&T in Atlanta, GA in roles from supervisor to manager, leading and directing large-scale reengineering and systems projects, a help desk and training initiative. Mr. Picarelli is also a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and licensed pilot. More importantly, though (and perhaps the reason he has become so successful), are the ten years with his own yard care business, five years delivering newspapers, five years spent roofing and siding, four years of driving a golf range cart, and especially, the three weeks he spent flipping burgers at Wendy’s during his formative years.