Jes Koepfler

Managing Director

Jes has a love for studying humans and their tools.

Jes has nearly a decade of experience conducting user research and evaluation across a variety of domains including nonprofits, education, gaming, healthcare and more. Her favorite part of the research process is uncovering key stakeholder questions and designing the ideal research strategy using a variety of methods including interviews, observations, surveys, participatory design sessions, usability testing, and social network analysis, just to name a few. Jes applies her background in human computer interaction, information studies, and social psychology from her PhD at the University of Maryland to tackle complex research projects. Her love of studying humans and their tools extends into her personal life where she’s always looking for new methods on how to cold brew coffee or home brew beer (priorities, right?). On New Year’s Eve you can find her in random small towns across PA doing whatever the locals do. She’s seen a giant strawberry lowered in Harrisburg, a 200-lb stick of bologna in Lebanon, a massive fiberglass peep in Bethlehem, and a yellow converse shoe in Akron. There’s apparently no Pennsylvania shortage of oversized objects to lower on NYE. It’s a part of the charm.