Jodi Abraham

Accounting Administrator

Jodi has been all over the world spreading and sharpening her administration skills.

Jodi has been all over the world, spreading her administration skills to those much less inclined. She graduated from Mary Washington College in Fredericksburg, VA with a degree in Business Administration. Immediately following that, she moved to Stuggart, Germany with her husband Brian and worked in the accounting office for the Army’s nonmilitary activities. After traveling the globe and arriving back in the in states, she worked for a Personnel company in Maryland, dividing her time between six locations and training their respective staffs (yes, she’s so good, they sent her around to teach everyone how to do it right). She took time off to raise three beautiful daughters (and a yorkie-poo named Libby) and now finds herself splitting time between making Intuitive Company better and watching every conceivable competitive level of football (that’s what happens when your daughters all elect to be cheerleaders). Over the years, she has held a few part time positions that kept her skills sharp. She has said that she is thrilled to be back in the “real” working world. We don’t have the heart to tell her that we are anything but “normal.” She’s just going to have to learn that one for herself.