Joe DeLorenzo

UX Developer

Joe is yet another "double threat" on our team, with a background in illustration and development.

Joe graduated from the University of the Arts with a degree in Illustration. He was a freelance illustrator right out of college and migrated to a design agency, where he acted as a Print Designer. Upon that studio going the way of the dinosaurs, Joe took the initiative and decided to shift his focus to the digital world and start applying his designs to the web. Through internships, he learned the tricks of the web design trade while also studying up on his HTML/CSS/JS. Eventually, his full attention was turned toward front-end development. After putting in time as the lead web design/developer for a finance company, Joe felt the desire to get back to solving more creative challenges and more meaningful, user-focused work. This led him to our door (because that’s the kind of thing we do… if that wasn’t evident). Joe often finds himself out and about in the city enjoying a good beer (or let’s face it, even a sh*tty one). He’s the drummer for a punk band, enjoys going to shows, still paints from time to time, and runs/gyms on a regular basis. After reading this bio, we think we should collectively ask Joe to cool it down. He’s making us all look bad.