Jon Miller


Jon believes digital magic is made not just by developing code, but also by adding engineering to the process and coupling it with the user experience.

Mr. Miller graduated from Philadelphia University with a BA in Computer Science and has been cultivating over a decade of software development experience ever since, up to and including writing code for user experience/design and research. Jon is cognizant of the confusion some people have about what he does (and by extension, we do) professionally. Because of this, he likes to refer to himself as a Software Engineer or Software Architect. It’s not just about developing code, because he brings an invaluable engineering background to the process. Coupled with the user experience in mind, this is how digital magic is made. Jon has experience with interface development, service layer development, and database development, as well as specializations such as database performance, asynchronous programming, and “web scale” or distributed computing. He can develop code for all tiers in a software system. Let’s top all that off with a very strong understanding of Unix/Linux and system administrations. But that’s all business fluff. What does Mr. Miller like to do in his downtime? In addition to spending quality time with his wife and their two dogs, there isn’t a mountain that he doesn’t want to snowboard when he's not seeking out very spicy food. Jon likes to always be in motion and is dedicated to constantly improving, which makes him a fine addition to the IC team.