Keith joined the IC fold in the fall of 2012 and hasn’t looked back. Sporting nearly two decades of Software Engineering experience, which includes architecting and developing large-scale web applications, he has become invaluable to our growing team. Since graduating from Weber State University with a BA in Information Systems and Technologies, emphasis on software development, he has spent his time honing his skills within this chosen field (we don’t talk about the period of time he was an aspiring boxer—true story). Keith has worked on all levels and sizes of software development, from small startups to helping architect and develop commonly used applications for higher education. He’s also worked on consumer-branded web apps, proving that his talents aren’t in need of a comfort zone—he can deal with it all. When he’s not changing the world one line of code at a time, you may catch him snowboarding, camping, arguing with an umpire during a competitive softball game, or simple enjoying a craft beer after an impromptu ATV adventure.