Matt Lewis

UX Developer

As a developer with a background in design, Matt is another "double threat" on our team.

Matt joined the IC fold directly from Philadelphia University, giving us the distinct pleasure of being his first full-time gig out of school. During his time at PhilaU, where he earned his degree in Interactive Design Media and saw himself on the Dean's List, he interned as a graphic/web designer and freelanced as a graphic designer. He hails from a small town in South Jersey, but has chosen to be a Philadelphia sports fan since…well, forever. Not just a fan, Matt is proficient in a majority of sports, including soccer and track. In other words, he puts most of us to shame with his athletic acumen. Matt has an all around interest in things that can be considered “cool” (e.g. cars, motorcycles, explosions), which is why he's so wildly liked by everyone. Apparently, you can see his charisma from space. He's so calm and unassuming under pressure that he was able to teach a bear how to ride a roller coaster without showing any emotion. Impressive, we know. But that's what we look for at IC: unique talents, a drive for excellence, and the ability to understand and appreciate sarcasm. Matt is a welcome addition to our motley group (and helps fill out our potential softball team roster…just saying).