Nidhi Jalwal


Nidhi's perfectly prepared meals are almost as diverse as the people she has collaborated with around the world.

Nidhi is a shining addition to our research team, bringing with her the belief that design is the act of attuning to observations and building empathy to create experiences that tell stories. That’s an eloquent way of saying that the user is an integral part of the equation. She likes to make sure that we always keep that in mind. Nidhi has traveled the world (India, Lebanon, and the Netherlands) and worked with different designers and artists in various communities. She also co-conceived a start-up, all before moving to the United States. Here she attended the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, were she earned a Master of Industrial Design with a User Experience focus. Though her passion was initially in science and engineering, her shift toward user experience allowed her to marry that love of design with her talent to connect with people. Nidhi has previous experience co-facilitating workshops as a researcher for MENA Design Research Center (in Beirut) and Liberty Resources, Inc., as well as consulting in Experience Design for the Center for Healthcare Innovation at Penn Medicine. She’s won awards and offers a unique point of view for every project and brainstorm in which she’s involved. Factor in her slight obsession with a clean house and the perfectly prepared meal (which we all benefit from when she brings in leftovers), and it's clear why Nidhi brightens our day and elevates our game.