Nyssa Capaul

Senior UX Developer

Nyssa is a top-notch developer and undeniable deli-pickle lover.

Nyssa comes to Intuitive Company after years of working collaboratively with design teams that actively drive efficiency and quality. She's a top-notch developer that has reviewed and provided feedback on several different types of code for both software and UI engineers. She's also developed and reviewed new features for multiple platforms. Nyssa graduated from the Art Institute of Philadelphia, where she was honored with multiple awards including Dean's List and Best Portfolio (she's pretty impressive). Since then, she has provided quality code for a number of applications and sites you may be familiar with (like one that rhymes with z-bay). Using the tools in her arsenal (jQuery, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, HTML5, AJAX, XML, PHP, just to name too many), she "pwns n00bs" on the regular and continues to impress us. If that's not enough, she has a full-size beer fridge in her garage, has an addiction to deli pickles, and is looking for justifiable reasons to build a new gaming rig. (Do you even need a reason?)