Samantha Hawkins

Design Director

Samantha’s passionate about building beautiful, usable digital products and experiences for forward-thinking brands.

Samantha comes to IC with thirteen years of design experience and prides herself on being a creative strategist who fuses smart design with technology. She’s crafted solutions for both Fortune 500 firms and smaller organizations in the media, financial services, retail, and travel industries. She’s also helped build multichannel user experiences for powerhouse brands such as Comcast, Avon, T.J. Maxx, Clarins, and The American Red Cross, just to name a few. Samantha earned her BA in Studio Art from Smith College and her MA in Design & Technology from Parsons School of Design. The secret to her success thus far just might be her affection for all things intense—think CrossFit, mescal, scotch, and flourless chocolate cake. Also, if you’re ever considering a cross-country journey by bike, she may have some tips for you. That’s because she’s actually cycled 3,000 miles over 73 days, across three mountain ranges and through two tornadoes. (Yes, really. Two tornadoes.)