Victor Yocco

Research Director

Victor is committed to ensuring that the voice of the user informs the design decision-making.

Victor has a broad background when it comes to his research experience, from his dissertation research at The Ohio State University (where he learned to spell O-H-I-O using his arms) focusing on communicating complex environmental issues to visitors at informal learning venues (such as zoos and science centers), to working at a non-profit conducting research and evaluation in informal learning settings. Bottom line is if you’ve got questions, he can find you answers. Oh, and by the way, he’s also conducted research and evaluations focusing on federal and state-funded criminal justice programming. Needless to say, he’s learned how to ask the right questions from the right people at the right time. Regardless of the topic of study, one thing remains consistent: Victor’s commitment to ensuring the voice of the user informs design decision-making. Victor also fancies himself somewhat of an academic, having published and presented studies on topics such as visitor use of technology in zoos, the public value of museums, and the role of researchers and evaluators in building effective collaborations. He is always looking to join forces with co-authors to contribute to our knowledge base. You should probably cite his published work as often as possible (just saying). Research and writing aren’t all Victor likes to do for fun, though. In his free time he enjoys running long distances at an absurdly slow pace, ensuring the quality of local craft beers, and being an audience member at live performances of all types.