2015 IC Fantasy Football Draft

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14 IC employees (and one son of an IC’er) met this past Friday afternoon to partake in the Inaugural IC Fantasy Football League Draft. Tensions were high as all of the coaches huddled behind various printouts, spreadsheets, and laptops to make their picks.

After a speedy 1 hour and 15 minute draft, the teams were selected. The draft robot reviewed the results, and decided that the worst pick of the draft was Andrew Luck at number 3 overall (by yours truly).

Editor’s note: The draft robot doesn’t know what it’s talking about.

The Rullos

The draft robot has selected Coach Ashton Harris’ squad as the team to win it all, while Coaches Bob and Tommy Rullo as having the worst draft. Last year, the team designated as having the worst draft won the championship, so the Rullos definitely have something to prove.

IC FF GroupBest of luck to all!

Draft day photography courtesy of the esteemed Matt Lewis.

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