Anatomy of a Cheese Curd

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Any place that has over 25 beers on tap and a bar menu that includes deviled eggs (don’t worry, they’re not as good as your’s mom), summer sausage-covered Lazy Susans and fried-egg topped burgers is bound to be a an IC crowd-pleaser.

On a recent visit to Madison, WI, a couple of folks from the IC team and I had the pleasure of eating at the Old Fashioned.  A local delicacy is deep fried cheese curds –  batter dipped cheese parts served with a variety of dipping sauces (we went with a smoked paprika and a garlic sauce).  Suffice it to say they are good, especially washed down with a New Glarus Spotted Cow.

Anyway, the Old Fashioned is highly recommended…we can only wonder why the waitress thought we were from Sheboygan.

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