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Ahead of the Apple WWDC coming up in June, a lot of Apple fans are excited about the new iOS 7. What’s it gonna look like, will Apple really overhaul their OS, and when will we get it? These are just some of the popular questions surrounding the WWDC. I for one am pretty excited about it. Its always nice getting a new/fresh look on something you’ve been using day in and day out, for a couple of years.

The preliminary and rumored designs look fantastic in my opinion. No more skeuomorphism, that’s old news. If the rumors are true, then the new web design trends have made their way into device operating systems. Things like: flat colors, square or less rounded corners, lots of iconography, and beautiful typography are just some of the things we can expect/hope to see rolled out in Apple’s new iOS 7.

As a developer, I’ll be very interested to see if programing for it will be much different (or the same). iOS has been my favorite platform to develop for; they use the most modern browsers and support a lot of creativity. Debugging on them is a breeze too! Gotta love that. So take a look at these rumored iOS 7 designs, will you be excited with this look or do you want your current iOS to hang around forever?

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