G.R.I.P. Award Winners, Q3 2015

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As we’ve mentioned here on the blog before, we have a set of core goals that we express as G.R.I.P.: Grow, Refine, Inspire and Promote. Each quarter, we celebrate team members who’ve made excellent personal achievements aligned with these goals.

This time around we honored:

Donamarie Schettino, for kicking butt and taking (new client) names.

Jess Davis, for actually bringing our in-house recruiting in house.

Kim Naples and Ashley Pulli, for creating our Statement of Work library.

Victor Yocco, for starting an honest and important dialogue about the pressures of drinking in our industry.

The entire technology team, for writing tons of great articles you’ll be seeing on this blog very shortly.

Inspire AND Promote
Michael McAghon, for the wonderful portraits that capture the heart and soul of our company.

Our whole staff produces amazing work across all disciplines, but we always like to highlight people who’ve done a particularly exceptional job. Thanks and congratulations to all of the G.R.I.P. award winners. You guys rock!

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