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IC Toolkit is a series that dives into a Designer, Researcher, or Developer’s goody bag to find out what they use to get through the day. Furthermore, how they supercharge their workflows or get inspiration for a project.

First up we have a front-end developer, Matt Lewis waxing poetic about his tools of choice.

Alfred App


“I was introduced to this majestic tool by fellow developer GvB. This is basically a juiced up spotlight search on my Mac. I know what it’s like to be Bruce Wayne because it’s literally how I open any application, quit them, empty my trash, restart, and shut down my computer.”

“There’s even more features such as workflows where you can have it open a certain list of applications you want to use, depending on your task at hand — developing, designing, photo editing, etc.”alfredapp.com

Muzli App


“This is an awesome Chrome extension I added to my browser. It’s similar to Panda, which I’ve seen fellow devs and designers around the office use. Basically, when you open Chrome or a new tab in Chrome, you get a Hub of awesome trending design, dev, and tech news. Its integrated with Dribble, Awards, Tuts+, TechCrunch, Mashable, The Verge, and a whole lot more. It looks really nice, is super easy to use and can be an inspiration tool when looking to spark some new ideas or blast through some roadblocks.”muz.li

Sip App


“This is another Mac Toolbar application I use to grab a color I like. It turns your mouse cursor into a magnifying glass so you can pick a color from wherever you want — a picture, website, logo, video, or what have you.”theolabrothers.com

“I’m always looking for cool utility and productive apps to make things easier, faster, and more fun. We’re continuously on the lookout for more of these cool apps, whatever it takes to make our team more knowledgeable and efficient.”

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Matt Lewis

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As a developer with a background in design, Matt is another "double threat" on our team. More