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I’ve always found it a hassle to get documents off my iOS device and onto my computer, or the other way around. Whether it’s pictures, videos, word documents, etc., I would always need to send myself an email with the attachment… and then wait… and then I’d have it.

Finally, I’ve found an app that I can use on my Mac and my iOS Device. It’s called Instashare—it’s awesome, and FREE! I just open the app on both devices, drag the file I want transferred into the window, see a list of current devices running the app, drop the file on top of the device I want it transferred to, and BAM!  It’s there! Done! Easy, fast, and simple. I can even transfer files without a Wi-Fi connection; it can use Bluetooth.

It doesn’t hurt that this app beholds a sweet UI and clean website. Check it out and see how you like it.

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