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With Election Day just about a month away, we are ready to share our vision of the future of voting—Intuitive Voting. Challenged to “Design the Voting System of Tomorrow” by the Human Factors & Ergonomics Society, we have created a pair of conceptual apps to support the needs of voters and election volunteers.

The voter app keeps citizens engaged before, during, and after elections, and works within the current election system infrastructure.  For example, a voter can make informed ballot choices ahead of time via the app, and then bring it into the voting booth on election day for reference. In the long-term, we envision that the app will scale to support direct remote voting.

The volunteer app provides tools and resources for training and supporting election workers. These include video guides for setting up voting equipment, and a feature to report estimated poll waiting times to election officials and voters.

Our research was focused locally here in Philadelphia, but the proposed design solutions can be applied across the country. And while this marks the end of our concept exploration, America is still at the beginning of the long-term trend towards digital election processes.

Learn about our research and design process, and interact with prototypes of the voter and volunteer apps at Intuitive Voting—democracy simplified.

Redesigning the American Voting System


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