Making it work with Tim Gunn at the Penn State Web Conference

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Question: What do I share in common with Tim Gunn, fashion designer extraordinaire and Project Runway mentor? Certainly not my sense (lack) of style.

Answer: Next week I’ll be presenting at the Penn State Web Conference, where Tim Gunn is one of the keynote speakers.

Mr. Gunn will most likely be discussing fashion and experience design, while my presentation, Treating Users Like Learners, will focus on including critical learning elements into our designs.

I am excited and honored to be presenting at this conference, which is now in its fifth year and brings together regional and national participants from all UX-related lines of work. I am also looking forward to making new connections and learning from my peers while in State College.

Here is the full description of my presentation:

Treating Users like Learners: Incorporating the Principles of Andragogy into Design

Most digital experiences require users to learn something new. Sometimes the purpose of an app is to learn, such as in an e-class. More often, the user needs to learn how to use the app, be it an updated word processing program, or a redesigned online banking experience.

Design teams need to approach each new application or redesign as an opportunity to teach our users as though they were students. Andragogy, the study and practice of adult education, provides six learning principles applicable to people of any age who are using digital tools. As we design experiences that teach, these principles serve as best practices.

In this session, we will define and discuss these principles and review examples of how design teams can use them when creating digital learning experiences. Attendees will share their own experiences with incorporating learning experiences into their products and reflect on how use of the principles of Andragogy might enhance their current practice. Attendees will also receive links to additional resources they can utilize to continue learning about the principles of Andragogy.

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