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How many times are you asked to provide your email to view/download/subscribe to something? Quite a lot, and its annoying. You know you’re just going to unsubscribe from the email list once you get that first email and continue viewing/downloading/or subscribing to the content you originally wanted to see.

Sure everyone has an email today, but that doesn’t mean it should be filled with garbage that you’re just going to delete anyway. Enter, Pay with a Tweet—A Social Payment System (also allows you to post to your Facebook wall instead). Now, I haven’t used this feature before (mainly because I haven’t been given the option yet on the sites I visit), but when I heard of it, I thought, “that’s a great idea.”

There are plenty of sites that I go to that require my email or ask me to sign up for free. When that happens, I just navigate away from the site because I don’t want to be pestered by emails when all I wanted to do was view an article. But, if they asked me to pay with a tweet (or Facebook post) instead, I’d do it and here’s why. I won’t be bothered with an email that I have to unsubscribe from, I can actually use my Twitter (or Facebook) account that I don’t really use except for reading other articles posted by friends, it promotes business in a new and innovative way, and I can view the content I originally wanted.

Sure there may be the downside of people being able to see what you’re reading because you “Paid with a Tweet,” but you wouldn’t share information that you didn’t want others to see anyway, right? Instead of the company just marketing to me through emails I’m just going to delete, now I spread the word, helping them reach more customers. Sometimes “Word of Mouth” marketing is the best way to reach existing and future patrons. This is great marketing on the companies end, and I’m happy because I’m able to view the content I wanted to see and my inbox is still clean (more room for emails of cats).

So, do you and the company you like a favor, and Pay With a Tweet!

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