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Lost? Need a new route immediately? Not on a 4G network yet? No worries!

With the Google Maps app (Apple or Android), you can pre-load sections of a map so you won’t be waiting for your route to load. Amazing, simple, and almost like carrying a paper map with you all the time (but who does that anymore).

Just open the Google Maps app, size the part of the map you want pre-loaded into view, type in “ok maps” in the search bar and tap “Search.” The area of the map in view will now be pre-loaded and can be accessed without using cell service. This is perfect for people not on a 4G network or in a bad cell service area (Best to do this with Wi-Fi access to avoid large data usage from saving the maps).

Plan ahead by pre-loading a place you’ve never been before or pre-load the center of a city before you turn onto a one-way road into oncoming traffic.

*Intuitive Company does not condone reading a digital or physical map while driving and fully supports employing a navigator or pulling over when lost. Thank you, and have a wonderful trip.*

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