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After reading this, A Great UI is Invisible, I took a step back to look at how I go about my work as a UI developer. See if you can relate.

As a young UI developer, staying on top of the latest trends is challenging; challenge accepted! When creating a web app or website you need to know a lot about your audience, which is why user research/testing is valuable. Alongside that comes a great design and flawless implementation through code.

I started off as a graphic/print designer in school (Philadelphia University). I took my strong design skills and applied them to the current web-based standards. The UI is what I love to figure out. How are my users going to interact with this? What are they already familiar with? How I can make this a seamless experience for them? Finding where I can put my own spin on it so they say, “I really like that?” That’s how I go about my work.

Staying up to date with the most recent statistics helps me plan for what my audience is using in terms of mobile devices, operating systems, screen resolutions, pixel densities, and of course, which browser. I try to get all of this is figured out before any code is written so I can write the most efficient, cross-platform, cross-device, web app or website.

Then comes the Design and UI (the fun part). The ability to let the user come to your application and already know how to use it is the challenge. Hierarchy, colors, icons, and typography all aid the process of making the user feel welcome and in control. Where is your most important information and is it easy for them to get to? Will they be able to get what they need out of it? Of course all of this depends on what it is you’re providing thought the web, be it a service, a blog, or a portfolio.

I’ve learned so much in this field of interactive design. The field itself is rapidly changing and staying up to date is a fun challenge. Part of my work is predicting where it’s all going and attempting to create future-proofed experiences. Specifically, experiences that are appealing (and work optimally) for years to come.

You can buy a new phone that was released a week ago and in a year it’s already obsolete. The same can happen with the web, I’m trying to prevent that.

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